Event design


As your wedding designer will deal with all the aesthetic parts of the wedding. We specialize in details such as tables, chairs, linen decoration, flower arrangements, lighting, ceiling and floor decoration. We bring an artistic eye that can conceptualize an event and transform a place.

Sweet Sixteen

Celebrating your sweet sixteen is one of the most special celebrations in your life. Whether you're doing a party with your group of friends or an event with the family, this celebration you will remember forever, make it very special!

Kids birthday

The children's birthday party is undoubtedly a day that we wish to be very special. For this day they may wish to be pirates, astronauts, circus clowns, acrobats, actors, princesses or dancers. Your children's tastes are defined and they dream of having the world at their feet. They can be whatever they want with a theme party. Be the queens of the party.

Seniors birthday

Ideas to celebrate a surprise and original birthday. Throwing an adult party with so much symbolism and emotion is not easy, and it doesn't have to be something that involves excessive spending. Do we celebrate wrinkles or not? Of course yes!. Organize your birthday party with us. to see our original Packs to celebrate a very special and unforgettable birthday.

Gender Reveal

A gender reveal party or a sex reveal party is a meeting in which the sex of the future baby is revealed. In 2008, blogger Jenna Karduvinis published a blog in which she was shown breaking a blue cake to announce that she would have a little boy. Without imagining it, this became the first ever sex reveal party and gave way to this huge trend.

The decorations are usually quite similar. They can be balloon arches, banners, fabrics, and more. In general, these types of decorations are combinations of blue and pink colors; since it is not known if we are expecting a boy or a girl.


With the arrival of a child into the world, celebrating his baptism is the first thing we think about. For catholic vision, in this first sacrament, the child becomes a member of the church and begins his Catholic life. Let's make it special.